How to build a great dating or social networking site

Plan ahead for your dating or social networking site

We have built many dating and social networking sites and have come up with some general guide lines for dating sites and social networking sites. These guidelines are by no means hard and fast rules and are only our opinions but we feel that they will help in putting together a successful dating site or social networking site.

Some good rules of business are:

  • Come up with a unique idea for your new business
  • Make sure your business name describes your unique idea
  • Do some research to have a solid business plan
  • Promote and advertise

A website is your place of business, much like a brick and mortar store is a place of business. You would not want to start a new business next to a well established  competitor, just as you will not want to start a new social networking or dating website that is exactly the same as a well established site. A basic dating site will go nowhere if it is the same as the many dating sites already in existence.

Find a Unique Area to Focus On

A site like will probably not be successful unless advertised heavily since there are already many general dating sites. Look for a niche that can be built upon, such a cowboys and cowgirls theme or a farmers theme. Sites that focus on a particular age group, such as over forty could be successful since there are not many of them. Sites that focus on an ethnic group could have a chance of success, such as Latino Dating, as would sites that focus on a geographic area, like south Florida Dating.

Don’t Be Fooled Into Thinking a Site Is Successful

Just because a site appears to have lots of members and high search engine rankings does not make it successful and there is no reason to copy it. It may not be as successful as you think.Lots of promotion will make it appear at the top of the search engines and lots of members could mean lots of faked memberships.

Be Unique, Not A Copy Cat

You must give people a reason to choose your site over other sites, this is where a unique theme and great graphics come in. You could add features like live video chat for your members or a classified ads section for members to post ads. Both these features give a reason for a visitor to sign up and members to keep returning to your site. a site with a local focus could have a business listings section. Some of these features are not part of today’s top dating sites but that is what will separate your new site from the rest and is one of the things that will make your members return again and again.

Forced Membership or Free Preview

Some sites require a membership before visitors are allowed into the site, other sites allow a free preview, allowing visitors to see inside a site and look at the member list but require them to signup in order to post a profile and contact other members. Most people are reluctant to give out their email just because a site requires it to enter, so a forced membership may be costing you members. Would you buy a car without test-driving it first? Would you buy a book without knowing a little about it?

Facebook Login or Not

Some sites allow people to login with their facebook login but this could be a problem. Someone on a dating site could then get tiyr members’ facebook username and follow them to facebook, resulting in facebook stalking. A facebook login will also reveal their  facebook information, information that they do not want spread around outside of facebook.


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Florida Real Estate Website Builder

A real estate website is a must for any agency or agent

Today in this highly competitive real estate market all real estate brokers need a website to show their current listings, tell a little about their company and give site visitors confidence in the real estate agency. A broker’s real estate website can also give clients valuable information regarding local schools, attractions, shopping and other important details about the community in which they are shopping for a new home.

A real estate website shows your level of professionalism

In the same regard, a real estate agent also needs a real estate website for the same reasons. Someone shopping for a real estate agent to list their property must have confidence that the agent they select can do the job for them and get the best possible price for their home. A professional real estate website will help the real estate agent get the seller to list their property with the agent. A person looking for a new home will review many real estate websites to find the agent or broker to work with while shopping for their home. A professional real estate website will show the professional level of the broker or real estate agent and will encourage the buyer to contact that agency or agent.

A history of building professional real estate websites

We have long been the producers of effective real estate websites that enable the broker or agent to list their properties, show the MLS listings, show local features, give contact information, finance information, calculate mortgage rates and much more. In the case of a broker real estate website we can add pages for each agent in the agency and link them to their listings. Our graphics department can come up with any graphics that the customer desires to give the real estate website the correct look and feel for the area that the agency is located in. For specific listings we can add property photos, a description, details such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms, home size, lot size and other details. All these features will be searchable through the search. We even include a Google maps feature so the site viewer can find the listing on Google maps and see how close it is to other areas.

Links to some real estate websites we have built

See details of our real estate website package.

See our real estate website portfolio.


Finding the perfect hosting solution

Welcome to a new idea in hosting!

All hosting packages are not created the same. Many times a person new to web hosting will choose an inexpensive web host package based strictly on price that does not work for their needs, causing poor performance for their website, frustrated site visitors and a low return on their website investment. You will be judged by your site visitors on how your site performs. Before you select a web host package please contact us with your hosting needs. We can advise you on the best web host package for your website requirements, helping you choose an economical package that is more than sufficient to host your site.

A poor hosting selection could result in poor site performance

Depending on a site’s needs, the site may require specialized hosting. Do you need a Unix/Linux type server or will a windows server work? Do you need a MySQL database? Do you need a dedicated SSL or will a shared SSL certificate work? Do you need a dedicated server or will shared hosting work? You will need to know the answers to these questions before you select a host for your new site. If you do not know the answers to these questions, please contact us before you make a mistake that could cause you money and lost customers.

Get the right hosting the first time!

Small sites usually can run fine on an economical shared hosting package but some require a VPS server or dedicated hosting. Some website scripts need a different operating system, such as the Ubuntu O.S. Whatever your needs are, we can set you up with the right operating system and the right hosting package. Don’t make a critical error before your new website even gets online, contact us now and let us help you.

24/7 Human Monitoring

All of our servers are monitored 24/7, not only for up time but for performance and hacker attacks. We have the latest hacker software to stop attacks dead in their tracks. Any host that cannot make these promises should not be hosting your site.

You get what you pay for

Did you know that some U.S. hosting companies may actually host their sites on European servers? How do you know that your site is being hosted on a server that is in the U.S? Why take a chance on cheap hosting that may not have the protection and features that we have, or put up with slow European servers? If you want top performance from a company with servers located in the U.S. (Orlando, Florida) and great customer service at a reasonable price contact us today. Remember, your online visitors will judge you on the performance of your site, do you want it to perform flawlessly or “less than perfect”?


Ft. Lauderdale Website Design - Choosing the right company

Choose a website design agency that meets your needs

In Ft. Lauderdale, FL. and the surrounding area there are many fine website design agencies, however choosing a web designer to build your new site is almost like choosing a date. Even though a man or woman is good looking they may not be the right match for your next date. When choosing a website designer it important to look past the great portfolio they have put together. Other important factors may include such things as have they built a site like you want and how quickly they can build it. If you are looking for an ecommerce site, the ideal website builder should have several ecommerce projects in their portfolio. If all they have are WordPress sites in their portfolio, they may not be a good pick for an ecommerce site. They may be able to build a great site but if you will wait six months for it you may want to look somewhere else.

Choose a website design agency that is a geographic and cultural match

I’m sure that there are many fine website design agencies in the far East, such as India, but will there be language barriers? Culturally, will they give you the correct graphics, the correct look and match the style of your site to the products or services you wish to sell on your site? Will they display the correct feel for the image you wish to project? Can you call them at 1 P.M. in the afternoon to ask them a question? There is a 9 hour difference between the east coast of the U.S. and India.

Can you contact them?

We have already discussed timezone differences, what about other things that may make it difficult to contact your website design agency? Do they work standard business hours? Some website design agencies work odd hours, which could be a positive or negative issue. Can you call them during regular business hours? Can you call them on the weekend if your site goes down? If you site goes down on Friday evening will you need to wait till Monday morning to speak to someone about it?

Are they willing to make the changes you need?

Sometimes you just cannot make up your mind how you want your site, requesting changes, then more changes. Let’s face it, some website design agencies have a limit as to how many changes are made to a project. We understand that sometimes a person doesn’t know what he wants until he sees what he does not want. We will be happy to make as many changes as you need to get your site just the way you want it. We guarantee our results.

These are important things to consider when choosing a website design agency. At Impact Design we are 24/7 for you so that we can be there when you need us.