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There are hundreds of Pay Per Click Search Engines you can buy traffic from. As this number increases, it becomes more difficult to determine which ones are worth your time using.

We’ve narrowed down this huge list down to what we think are worth your advertising investment based on our own experience and references from others. this will be an ongoing project, since the search engine scene changes from time to time, so check back in the future for updates.


One of the most important things to consider is the cost, what it costs per click. Some cost much more than others, so look at the cost per click to see if it is worth it for your product. some search engines will send lots of traffic at a high cost and others send much less traffic but at a much lower cost. You will need to balance the cost with the traffic to see what is right for you. A practice that has worked well for us in th epast is to spend some money with Yahoo for high traffic (and high cost) and to balance it with cheaper search engines with lower traffic. This practice will give you traffic but keep the costs down.

Quality of Traffic

Another feature to consider is the quality of traffic. Some search engines send you lots of traffic but no business. Sometimes this is done by the use of robots that will not buy anything but just click on your links to run up your advertising costs. These search engines are to be avoided at any cost.

Fraud Protection

Fraud protection is another thing to consider. Some search engines, such as Yahoo, have a very good fraud protection system that keeps robots and your competitors from clicking on your links over and over and running up your advertising costs.

How to get started

We advise to start slow with any search engine, opening an account with the minimum. Bid on some keywords and see how it works. The idea is to find the keywords that work for you, returning the best results for the money. Sometimes it is best to bid on the popular keywords, paying more but getting good traffic, sometimes it is best to bid on keywords that are not so popular and paying less money.

The following search engines are ones that we have used with success in the past and we can recommend them to you with confidence.

Yahoo! Search Marketing

Yahoo! Search Marketing’s main product, Sponsored Search, provides sponsored listings in search results on the Web’s top portals and search engines, reaching over 80% of active Internet users. These include Yahoo! MSN, Excite, CNN, Altavista, Infospace, ESPN and many more.

Content Match, a feature of Sponsored Search, enables you to broaden your reach beyond search results and reach customers through online publishers, newsletters and emails. Instead of your ad simply appearing in search rankings it will appear next to content such as articles and product reviews related to your business. For example, your music related site might appear with an article on the music industry on MSN.

If you want fast results and you’re willing to pay top dollar, Yahoo! Search Marketing is the place to advertise your site. It’s a well known site with a good reputation – a professional site with a great system and excellent traffic.

Minimum Click Costs: $0.10

Sign-up Bonus: $25

Start-up Costs: $30

Traffic: Very High

Regionalization: Yes

Keyword Suggestion: Yes

Click Fraud Index: Low Risk

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A smaller search engine with good quality traffic. They claim better ROI than either Google or Yahoo! because of their high quality traffic sources.

7Search provides useful tools to help you manage your pay per click campaigns. There’s a Keyword Suggestion Tool and a bulk upload facility for large amounts of keywords.

7Search traffic is now up to 1.5 billion searches a month. According to 7Search they strive to be the best in fraud detection in the industry and they will not accept poor traffic from their partners.

Minimum Click Costs: $0.01

Sign-up Bonus: $No

Start-up Costs: $25

Traffic: Medium

Regionalization: No

Keyword Suggestion: Yes

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The following search engines we have not used but they have had good references from other users.


Strong ROI with a reasonable search volume. Geo-targeting available with 11 countries you can specifically focus on.

Creating an advertiser account with Searchfeed is easy and only takes a matter of minutes. The advertiser interface is very simple to navigate and understand, which makes it very quick and effortless to create a new online campaign.

Specialized tools allow advertisers to create campaigns from scratch or easily upload existing campaigns using the Bulk Keyword Uploader. For adding smaller sets of keywords, easy to follow online forms are available. Additional tools include Keyword and Bid Researcher, ROI calculator and free campaign cost estimates. Advertisers can also change all or multiple bids simultaneously using the Change Bids Tool.

Minimum Click Costs: $0.01

Sign-up Bonus: No

Start-up Costs: $25

Traffic: Low

Regionalization: Yes

Keyword Suggestion: Yes

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Findology has a clean and attractive interface and is very easy to use.

The Traffic Reporting system gives you complete control over the traffic you receive. In your reports, next to the click amounts, you will see a SID (Site ID). This gives you the ability to differentiate among traffic sources and request for specific sources to be turned on or off.

Account managers are available 7 days a week to help you with your campaigns. There’s no Keyword Research Tool but you can contact Findology for suggestions.

Findology also provides cheap run of network traffic at $0.01, as well as a contextual CPV based product that converts very well.

Minimum Click Costs: $0.03

Sign-up Bonus: $50 in free clicks

Start-up Costs: $25

Traffic: Low

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Find It Quick

Search listing additions or modifications typically go online with in 24 hours after the request was made. At initial sign up, Findit-Quick calls all new advertisers to confirm their contact and credit card information. Once this is done, search listing requests are reviewed to ensure they are consistent with relevancy guidelines.

With SmartBidding you have the ability to bid unique amounts on each key phrase for each listing. Additionally, advertisers can also have all of their selected key phrases bidded automatically to a targeted position, whether it is 1st, 2nd or 3rd, or up to a given amount.

FindItQuick now has its own proprietary QuickShield technology for advertisers as well as working with ClickForensics to combat click fraud.

Minimum Click Costs: $0.05

Sign-up Bonus: No

Start-up Costs: $50

Traffic: Low

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Search Online Daily is a pay per click search engine that can help drive traffic to your website inexpensively. Many of the other search engines can charge more for one single click on very competitive keywords. They help maximize your PPC advertising budget and get the site traffic you want for your web site. There is a minimum deposit of $10 and bids start at $0.01.

Minimum Click Costs: $0.01

Sign-up Bonus: No

Start-up Costs: $10

Traffic: Low

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The following search engines we do not recommend. We have not used them and they may be fine search engines but we have discovered things about them that we do not feel comfortable with.

We have discovered many bad references about them from other users.

We visited their site and it looks like poor traffic. They guarantee you traffic but is it quality traffic? Their site states: “Most of our traffic comes from expired domains. Everyday we purchase abandoned domain names that have traffic on them. We purchase them to either resell them or to redirect the traffic to your website. These domain names had a previous website on them previously that fits into our targeted categories. Basically, all we do is redirect that traffic coming from these websites to your website.” In our opinion this is not quality traffic and we do not feel that it will result in sales for your site.