In this fast-paced, high-tech world, a website has become an important part of today's business community.

Now your business can become a part of the booming internet for far less than you ever imagined possible.

From the smallest website to the largest e-commerce megasite, we will create a dazzling marque to maximize your web potential.

Our technology, expertise and ability will insure that your internet presence will become an integral part of your business.


Plan ahead for your dating or social networking site

We have built many dating and social networking sites and have come up with some general guide lines for dating sites and social networking sites. These guidelines are by no means hard and fast rules and are only our opinions but we feel that they will help in putting together a successful dating site or social networking site.

Some good rules of business are:

  • Come up with a unique idea for your new business
  • Make sure your business name describes your unique idea
  • Do some research to have a solid business plan
  • Promote and advertise

A website is your place of business, much like a brick and mortar store is a place of business. You would not want to start a new business next to a well established  competitor, just as you will not want to start a new social networking or dating website that is exactly the same as a well established site. A basic dating site will go nowhere if it is the same as the many dating sites already in existence.

Find a Unique Area to Focus On

A site like will probably not be successful unless advertised heavily since there are already many general dating sites. Look for a niche that can be built upon, such a cowboys and cowgirls theme or a farmers theme. Sites that focus on a particular age group, such as over forty could be successful since there are not many of them. Sites that focus on an ethnic group could have a chance of success, such as Latino Dating, as would sites that focus on a geographic area, like south Florida Dating.

Don’t Be Fooled Into Thinking a Site Is Successful

Just because a site appears to have lots of members and high search engine rankings does not make it successful and there is no reason to copy it. It may not be as successful as you think.Lots of promotion will make it appear at the top of the search engines and lots of members could mean lots of faked memberships.

Be Unique, Not A Copy Cat

You must give people a reason to choose your site over other sites, this is where a unique theme and great graphics come in. You could add features like live video chat for your members or a classified ads section for members to post ads. Both these features give a reason for a visitor to sign up and members to keep returning to your site. a site with a local focus could have a business listings section. Some of these features are not part of today’s top dating sites but that is what will separate your new site from the rest and is one of the things that will make your members return again and again.

Forced Membership or Free Preview

Some sites require a membership before visitors are allowed into the site, other sites allow a free preview, allowing visitors to see inside a site and look at the member list but require them to signup in order to post a profile and contact other members. Most people are reluctant to give out their email just because a site requires it to enter, so a forced membership may be costing you members. Would you buy a car without test-driving it first? Would you buy a book without knowing a little about it?

Facebook Login or Not

Some sites allow people to login with their facebook login but this could be a problem. Someone on a dating site could then get tiyr members’ facebook username and follow them to facebook, resulting in facebook stalking. A facebook login will also reveal their  facebook information, information that they do not want spread around outside of facebook.


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